How to Bypass Jailbreak Detection On Banking Apps Unc0ver Jailbreak (PhonePe,Tez,PayPal) | Works On iOS 10 – 12.1.1

So finally, after too many failed attempts to jailbreak your iPhone and other iOS devises, you finally jailbroke your device, but unfortunately this is just the beginning of many problems like sudden restarts, crashes and most importantly many banking apps like tez, phonepe. PayPal. Citibank will not work on your jailbroken device and that will be one heck of a problem on iOS 11 tweaks like no sub use to work as it used to remove the substrate files but on iOS 12 those apps don’t work so read ahead to know how to use those apps on jailbroken iOS 12 device.

Here are links to few articles that might be useful to you :-



  • Search for a tweak called Libertylite and basically you are done

You just needed to complete the above two steps and that’s pretty much it














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