25+ Top FREE and NEW JAILBREAK tweaks for iOS 12 – 12.1.2 | Unc0ver Cyida Jailbreak Tweaks !


Hello readers thanks for reading this, it will guide you about the latest jailbreak Cydia tweaks that are compatible with iOS 12 and the latest unc0ver jailbreak, I’ve covered some of these tweaks in the YouTube videos that I make and if you want to check them you can click Here and check the video I have personally checked these tweaks and they work absolutely fine with the iOS 12.


  • It gives a black coloured theme to your keyboard
  1. CallbarXS

  • It removes the entire calling HUD that used to occupy your entire screen and replace it with a clean small box
  1. Cclinker

  • It links the Wi-Fi Bluetooth button on your control centre to the actual page present in the settings app
  1. downlocker

  • It allows you to lock your device as soon as you place it upside down
  1. Mariana

  • It allows you to customize the way your dock and home screen looks
  1. Emruete

  • It allows you to change the speed of your animations from slow to ultra-fast
  1. Swipe2hide

  • This allows you to hide your status bar by swiping either left or right and hiding the dock by swiping downwards
  1. Exsto

  • Gives a cool looking opening effect to you home screen’s folder
  1. Ipadswitcher

  • This adds a nice look to your app switcher the same look that we have on you iPad devices yes the grid one

  1. Jellyfish

  • It gives apple watch like theme only to your lock screen it looks extremely clean and minimal
  1. Killx

  • It allows you to kill all the apps present in your app switcher at once just by swiping down on any one
  1. Melior

  • It gives your volume HUD a clean look and replaces it with a nice volume HUD at the corner edge
  1. Moderndock

  • This will add a rounded background on your dock just like we have on our latest iPhone devices that is the iPhoneX
  1. Nobetaalert

  • Gets rid of the beta alert popup upon restarts or respiring
  1. Pencilchargerindicator

  • Gives a cool and clean popup just like we have on our iPad regarding the apple pencils the same popup will come up upon charging and low battery
  1. Powerselector

  • This tweak gives you more options like slide to respiring, slide to safe mode, slide to reboot on your default power slider
  1. Primalfolder

  • This gives the icon of the first app present in the folder to the folder

  1. Safariplus

  • This allows you to download stuff directly to your iPhone from the safari application
  1. Smallsiri

  • It compacts Siri to a very small region either on top or bottom of your screen
  1. Sugercane

  • This gives you brightness and volume percentage on the tab present in your control centre

    21. Nomoreseparators

    This will help you to remove the separator lines that are present between the titles in the settings menu

    22. Notepad

    This will add a notepad to your lockscreen where you can type you want

    23. Notimask

    This will allow you to add fake notifications

    24. Shuffle

    This will create a new menu in your settings where you can group your applications like the Cydia tweaks

    25. SpinXI

    This will add a spinning disk on your lock screen what will come when ever you play any song

    26. Statusmodifier

    It allows you to customize the way your status bar looks

    27. Tapvideoconfig

    This will allow you to change your video settings just from the camera app

    28. Trimtimes

    Trim times gives you Realtime footage when you are trimming the videos

    29. Zenith

    This allows you to add multiple icons behind a single icon on your home screen

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