Top FREE JAILBREAK tweaks for iOS 12 – 12.1.2 | Unc0ver Cyida Jailbreak Tweaks !

Hello readers thanks for reading this, it will guide you about the latest jailbreak Cydia tweaks that are compatible with iOS 12 and the latest unc0ver jailbreak, I’ve covered some of these tweaks in the YouTube videos that I make and if you want to check them you can click ere and check the video I have personally checked these tweaks and they work absolutely fine with the iOS 12.

  1. Cylinder

This allows you to change the way your home screen moves you can add different effects during the transition

  1. Bloard

This tweak gives your iOS device a black keyboard earlier the keyboard on iOS 12 is white

  1. Calldismiss

This tweak allows you to get rid of the call screen that comes whenever you get a call from a number in order to get rid of that you don’t need to cut the call instead you just need to press the home button and that will go into your background

  1. Floatydock

This allows you to get iPad like dock to your iPhone device and also you can use it to do open a multiwindow and use two applications at the same time

  1. Fluidenabler

this will add iPhone x like feature to your non-iPhone x devices like the gestures swiping up to go to the home screen swiping down from the top right corner to open up the control centre etc

  1. HidebarX

this removes the annoying bar that is present on your iPhone x that gives you the place from where you can swipe up

  1. Lockanim

this will allow you to get an animation every time you go to your lock screen

  1. Melior

this gives your iOS device a great and clean volume slider on your screen this removes the big HUD that used to come earlier and that used to occupy your entire screen

  1. Nobetaalert

this will remove the beta3 popup that used to come if you have jailbroken on iOS 12.1.2 beta 3 version

  1. Noctis 11

this will add a black them to your iOS devices the dark mode to be more precise you’ll get iOS 13 features a bit early with this tweak

  1. SprinplusXI

This allows you to custoimise your springboard

  1. Pulltorespring

One of the most essential tweaks allows you to respring your device just by pulling down from the settings menu

  1. CCringer

This allows you to control your ringer volume and the media volume from the control centre

  1. CClinker

This will link the icons in your control centre like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to actual menu in the settings app

  1. Fingertouch2

This will allow you to go to your home or app switcher just by touching the home button this will increase the life your home button

  1. Pencilchargerindicator

This will add a charging indicator just like we have with your apple pencils

  1. Rooster

This will allow you to enable/disable notification of an applications just by 3D touching on it

  1. Smallsiri

This will reduce the size of Siri and you’ll be able to do other things along with Siri opened

  1. Youtubed

This will allow you to play YouTube videos in your background

  1. Haptickeyboard

this will give you haptic feedback whenever you oppress a key on your keyboard

  1. Batterylife

This tweak will give you details about your b battery kike the total percentage, total capacity the talk time etc

  1. Ive

This will allow you to change your springboard settings

  1. Jellyfish

You’ll get a cool and awesome lock screen on your iPhone device just like we have on your apple watch

  1. Killx

This will allow you to remove all apps from your app switches just by swiping down on any application present in the app switcher

  1. Nomoreseparators

This will help you to remove the separator lines that are present between the titles in the settings menu

  1. Notepad

This will add a notepad to your lockscreen where you can type you want

  1. Notimask

This will allow you to add fake notifications

  1. Shuffle

This will create a new menu in your settings where you can group your applications like the Cydia tweaks

  1. SpinXI

This will add a spinning disk on your lock screen what will come when ever you play any song

  1. Statusmodifier

It allows you to customize the way your status bar looks

  1. Tapvideoconfig

This will allow you to change your video settings just from the camera app

  1. Trimtimes

Trim times gives you Realtime footage when you are trimming the videos

  1. Zenith

This allows you to add multiple icons behind a single icon on your home screen

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