What Is A Scroll Lock Key ? What Does It Do ?

Usually the keys that you press very frequently are the dirtiest ones, you very often press all the keys on your keyboard but there are a couple of clean nice-looking keys as well that you most probably have never pressed like the INSERT key, couple of FUNCTION keys and maybe the “SCROLL LOCK KEY”

It was introduced to our keyboards way back in the 90’s era when we had no access to all the latest cool looking RGB mouse! the scroll lock key helped us to toggle between various apps and cells just like we have in MS excel these days.

During those days if we wanted to scroll on a big list which has a large number of items in it we used to turn off the scroll lock key and when we wanted to access each item individually we turn on the scroll lock button.

When Scroll Lock Button Is Toggled “ON”

When the bright yellow light on your keyboard is illuminating then it indicates that scroll lock is toggled on and you will be able to access each file directly using your arrow keys one by one.

As seen from the image above if the button is toggled on then we will be able to access every single file from our arrow keys like all the songs I the above case while,

When Scroll Lock Button Is Toggled “OFF”

When the button is toggled off then we won’t be able to access each file directly and instead the entire page will go down. the arrow keys will start working just like the scrolling that we have on our mouse.

As you can see I the above image it will function like we have the scrolling well or when we right click on the right most vertical slider and pull down our mouse.

Do we still need “SCROLL LOCK” button ?

For an average person who uses the keyboard for typing or surfing the interest watching Harsh Sharma’s videos the answer is “NO” and many manufactures are removing the scroll lock keys from their keyboards while for some this might be a very useful button. People who use their keyboards for gaming purposes and thinks that are not enough “keys” on their keyboards reprogram the scroll lock button to something else and use it while playing their games.

People who works in corporate offices or have to keep a stat of their important data and use Ms excel, for them the scroll lock button is an important button.


In excel when we have a=the scroll lock enabled it will change cells instead of going down the entire page. excel have its own indicator that indicated about the scroll lock button weather it’s on or off.

And conversely when the button is off we won’t be able to toggle or navigate through each cell instead the entire page will go down and move just like the above case .





Do you still use the button ? let me know down below .

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